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I don't know much about building websites, but I have built my own using this theme. Every time I have had any issues or questions, these guys have been so quick to respond, helpful, generous and patient.


Excellent support. Ran into some small issues following an update, and the response was immediate - all problems were very quickly fixed. Good support is so important when you have limited tech experience.


I have to tell you that this was the first time that I worked with this elite author, but after few emails he kindly fix couple issues and i found that this is one of the most beautiful templates on Envato!!!


Outstanding customer support. I was having some issues and though the support could not see the issue, he went the extra mile to mimic my environment, confirmed the issue, and then fixed the problem.


Apart for the great features of the product the customer support is absolutely amazing. highly recommend this for its simplicity and ease and value for money. To It-Rays Keep up the fantastic work.


There is a lot of nice features and I was amazed by the design. It's beautifully made. Furthermore, the support that I received was excellent and fast. I had some issues with and he fixed all with some CSS, because I am new into it.


These people in IT-RAYS company make the best themes, I've purchased and built out a couple. I've been building websites for 6 years and these are the best themes I've come across.


woow i love this theme so much, i have to choose between jupiter, be theme and this,. and i choose this.. it was the right choice, thx for this super theme. thx for good theme and sry for my bad english.


This template is - as always - unbelivable wonderful. I told the author already, that he has an awesome feeling for clean and modern design.
I love the theme! Easy to modify, very good coding and lots of other great stuff.
Looking forward whats coming up next 😉


Amazing theme, very solid foundations and great for customising. Comes with tonnes of extras and has just a nice feel about it. Taken me a few days to get it right but when you're used to the theme and its feel there really is no looking back. Really happy with my purchase, let's hope the support is just as good!


If i could pick multiple reasons for my rating it would not only be for Customer Support, but also design quality. This theme offers great flexibility and feature choices that I am looking for, for my client. Awesome rocking theme you got here. Great job!


Sleek and modern with a strong focus on how design elements are tied together... good luck finding a WordPress theme that is THIS cool... and be sure to check out the solid documentation.... nice work!


This is without a doubt one of the most underrated multi-purpose templates on here. The customization blows other templates I've used out of the water. Not to mention, I had a problem with something I had mistakenly setup and was still given support within a day to get it fixed! I have to say I'm overly impressed with this and will be a long time supporter of Bookra. Thanks so much, don't hesitate to buy this, it's awesome.


Theme is awesome! - Support is BEYOND awesome if there is such a thing. - Customization, flexibility, fluidity, usefulness, elegance, responsiveness... - IT'S ALL THERE!
All the BEST to IT-RAYS, Themeforest and Envato.
Keep up the Great Work!!!
Alan Probst
Manager Redartichoke Media